Frequently Asked Questions - Lafayette eAccount 

Accessing the Lafayette eAccount portal will allow you to electronically view your account balances, deposit to your Pard Dollars, and deactivate/activate your meal plan in the event you lose/recover your ID card.

How do I access the portal?
Via web browser

What information can I access?
Remaining meals in the current week (Meal plans reset every Saturday at 3:00 a.m.)
Remaining guest meals for the semester
Pard Dollars non-refundable balance on meal plan
Pard Dollars refundable balance
Meal Plan and Pard Dollars history

What do deposits impact?
Deposits will increase the amount of your refundable Pard Dollars depending on your selection
Deposits will be reflected immediately

Any restrictions on Pard Dollars purchases at participating merchants? 
Pard Dollars may not be used for cash advances
Pard Dollars may not be used for cash refunds
Pard Dollars may not be used to purchase:

Traveler’s Checks
Gift cards
Lottery tickets
Money Orders
Obscene materials 

Where are Pard Dollars accepted?
At all Dining locations on campus
At participating off-campus merchants